Install the RotPanel.prc and one of the following files:
  • For Landscape utility install the RotMgrNXNZTHiQue.prc (or RotMgrNXNZTHiQue_D.prc for the trial version).
  • For Portrait utility install the RotMgrUX.prc (or RotMgrUX_D.prc for the trial version).
  • For Rotation utility install the RotSquare.prc (or RotSquare_D.prc for the trial version).
Tap on the date area on the status bar (Landscape) or in the middle of the status bar (Portrait) to switch the orientation. For a square device, define a rotation trigger key in the preferences panel (see below).


Use the "Uninstall..." menu option in the Rotation preferences panel.

[Supported devices]

Rotation extension has three variants, each targeted to a specific set of PalmOS devices.

"Landscape" utility works on the following devices:

  • Sony CLIE PEG-NX60
  • Sony CLIE PEG-NX70
  • Sony CLIE PEG-NZ90
  • Sony CLIE PEG-NX80
  • Sony CLIE PEG-NX73
  • Sony CLIE PEG-TH55
  • Garmin iQue 3600 (experimental)
  • Garmin iQue 3600a (experimental)

"Portrait" utility works on the following devices:

  • Sony CLIE PEG-UX50
  • Sony CLIE PEG-UX40
Portrait utility is not compatible with the left-handed silk setting.

"Rotation" utility should work on any PalmOS 5.2, 5.4 device with 320x320 display.

It was verified on the following devices:
  • Zire 72
  • Zire 71
Some applications (like a built-in camera application) cannot work in the rotated mode. Devices with 160x160 screen are not currently supported.

[Preferences Panel Manual]

Preferences panel allows you to specify the per-applications settings to help resolve possible incompatability and to customize the rotation trigger. The panel is available in the standard Prefs application under the name "Rotation".

The main screen of the panel shows a list of applications in the handheld RAM. To customize the application settings, check its mark and press the "Details..." button. It is possible to select multiple applications.

The following application-specific options are available:

"Orientation" - set the preferred orientation for the application.

  • "Default" - application will be started in the current display orientation.
  • "Landscape", "Reverse Landscape", "Portrait" and "Reverse Portrait" - application will be started in landscape, reverse landscape, portrait or reverse portrait mode respectively.
  • "Automatic" (Sony NX/NZ/UX only) - orientation of the application depends on the flip cover position. When the device is in clamshell mode ("open") the application will be started in "native" orientation (portrait for NX/NZ and landscape for UX). When the device is in tablet mode ("closed") the application will be started in landscape for NX/NZ and portrait for UX.

"Lock Orientation" - disable orientation switching for the application(s).

"Allow PalmSource API" - allow the Pen Input Manager API (present on T|T3, T|T5, LifeDrive, T|X and Zodiac) for the application.

"Sony API" - allow Sony-native Virtual Silk API. In general it is safe to leave the default state for these options (i.e. both enabled). But if there are problems with a particular application try to disable one of the APIs for the application. When both checkboxes are disabled the app will work only in square mode.

"Fullscreen game optimization" - may help to improve performance in some full screen games when operated in rotated mode. DO NOT blindly enable this option for all applications, because it may lead to slowdown or other problems.

"Flip state" (experimental and Sony NX/NZ/UX only) - force the flip cover position for the application. This option is completely independent of the "Orientation" setting.

It is also possible to customize the rotation trigger settings in the "Trigger Settings..." dialog that is accessible via the pull-down menu.

The following rotation trigger options are available:

"Trigger Type" - type of the trigger.

  • "None" - no rotation trigger.
  • "Status Bar" (Sony NX/NZ/TH/UX and Garmin iQue 3600 only) - switching is performed by tapping on the specific area on the status bar: 1) For Sony NX/NZ/TH this is the date area on the status bar. 2) For Sony UX this is the middle of the status bar. 3) For Garmin iQue 3600 this is the battery icon on the status bar.
  • "Button" - hard button is used to switch the orientation. Use the "Define..." button to select a specific key. Note that not all the buttons are guaranteed to work.

"Normal" - set the display orientation when the trigger is in the "normal" state.

"Rotated" - set the display orientation when the trigger is in the "rotated" state.


NetFront browser from CLIE NX/NZ does not support full screen operation in landscape mode. To fix this issue please download and install a NetFront update from the CLIE TH55 section of the CLIE support web site.