1. Windows desktop does not popup a New Hardware wizard window.

    Please log-in as an Administrator and try a different USB port.

    Also, please check the existence of any unknown devices under Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Modems (USB modem mode must be activated at the time). If you see an unknown device, open its Properies -> Update driver and point the installation wizard to the usbmdmtreo2k.inf file.

  2. Does Palm USB Modem support Mac OS X Leopard?

    Yes, it does. Palm USB Modem works with Leopard both in Bluetooth and USB mode.

  3. Does Windows Mobile USB Modem support Mac OS X Leopard?

    Yes, USB Modem WM 1.30 supports Mac OS X Leopard both in Bluetooth and USB mode.
    If you use Mac OS X Leopard and USB mode does not function in your cellular surroundings, feel free to contact us and tell us your device model, your OS version (WM 5.0, WM 6.0 or WM 6.1) and your cellular operator.

  4. USB Modem and Asus EEE PC.

    Unfortunately we cannot provide authoritative instructions on using USB Modem with Asus eee PC as we do not have this device. However, we have many successful reports with these instructions.

  5. USB Modem and Ubuntu.

    With Ubuntu we can recommend these instructions

  6. USB Modem and Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

    Users must upgrade Network Manager to version 0.7.1. 0.7.0 will not work correctly.

    These 3 modules either need modprobe (as root) or added to /etc/modules:
    usbserial vendor=xxxxx product=yyyyyy

    Note: the vendor and product codes can be found here.

    The vendor and product codes can also be found by plugging in the device and typing lsusb. When you reference the numbers as parameters to usbserial, you prefix each with 0x. For example,
    Bus 006 Device 004: ID 0830:0061 Palm, Inc. Lifedrive / Treo 650/680 / Tunsten E2/T5/TX / Zire 21/31/72 / Z22
    will become
    usbserial vendor=0x0830 product=0x0061.

    Once the modules are loaded, either through modprobe or a reboot, the user needs to create a new "Mobile Broadband" connection in Network Manager. They need to enter the a Connection Name, Number, and probably username/password (depending on the carrier). They should also checkmark "Connect automatically." Click Apply, and then close to hide the Network Connections window.
    Once USB Modem is launched on the phone, Network Manager will automatically detect it and connect to the network.

  7. How does USB Modem software differ from other programs like PDAnet?

    Technically speaking, USB Modem implements USB CDC ACM protocol, while PDANet uses ActiveSync to transfer data over USB. In practice that means that USB Modem does not require ActiveSync and supports not only Windows but also Linux and Mac OS X (including Leopard) desktop operation systems. As for Bluetooth connection, technically there is no difference.

  8. Does USB Modem support Mac Wi-Fi Internet Sharing?

    Yes, it does. Using the built-in Airport wireless networking and the "internet sharing" system preference you can share the USB Modem/Treo connection (both Bluetooth and USB) at the same time on two Mac computers.
    First, make sure the "host" is connected to the internet via USB Modem and the PDA.
    Second, open System Preferences on the host MacBook Pro and choose "Sharing".
    Select enable Internet sharing, and choose the connection, and the method of sharing (Airport). See this Wi-Fi Internet Sharing screenshot.
    Then on the "guest" MacBook Pro that wants to share the internet connection, from the airport icon in the Mac's menu bar, select the name of the hosting computer with the USB Modem internet connection.

  9. The New Network Port Detected does not appear on Mac OS Leopard

    Please go to System Preferences/Network. Then click on the + on the bottom left of the window listing the ports. That will create a new service. After that please select the USB Modem item in the list, that will then add the new network port.

  10. "No dial tone" error, error 680.

    Windows desktop: the "No dial tone" error usually appears when something wrong is selected in the Connection Properties -> General tab -> Modems list. Tell us what is selected in Connection Properties -> General tab -> Modems list (USB Modem must be active at that time).

  11. WM USB Modem crashes when trying to connect.

    Make sure you stopped and closed ActiveSync.

    1. Disable USB Modem
    2. Kill the ActiveSync application
    3. Restart USB Modem
    4. Attempt to bring up PPP from your computer

  12. WM USB Modem returns a NO CARRIER error.

    Make sure you stopped and closed ActiveSync.

  13. Guidelines for using Palm USB Modem to connect via BT to a Nokia N810.

    All you have to do is to install USB modem on your Palm, disable the built-in DUN (option "suppress built-in DUN" in the USB Menu on your Palm in the top left corner), set it to Bluetooth mode and then you can go to setup the Nokia N800, N810 or Nokia 770 with just the Bluetooth connections installed on the Nokia device. No extra files are needed.

    Similarly, USB Modem works in Bluetooth mode with TomTom ONE and TomTom ONE XL devices.

  14. Palm USB Modem is frequently disconnecting when used with Mac OS X Leopard.

    Please try to enable or disable the "Send echo packets" option in the Network Properties (under PPP Options...)

  15. USB Modem is frequently disconnecting from a Windows desktop.

    Try to toggle the options in the Connection Properties -> Networking tab -> PPP settings.

  16. "Failed to enable modem mode" error when using Palm USB Modem.

    Try to enable the "suppress built-in DUN" option in the USB Modem menu (in the top left corner).

  17. I used WM USB Modem for two weeks and had at least 20 connections, suddenly the "Enable" button became unclickable.

    If you were able to use WM USB Modem and then suddenly the Enable button stops functioning, it means that the trial has expired. For some reasons on Motorola Q the trial expiration dialog may sometimes fail to appear.

  18. Under Mac OS the following error occurs: "A crossed connection has been detected. Please verify settings and try again".

    Make sure that the correct modem script is selected here - Leopard script selection. Please note that if you have a CDMA device, then you have to select "Mobile Stream CDMA". Please check your username and password as well.

  19. "Service Connecting Progress: Error: Cannot connect to the internet because a dial-up networking session is active. End the DUN session and try again. OK" The Bluetooth modem it disconnects and the laptop says: "The connection was terminated because the other side is not responding. Please try again."

    Try to enable the "suppress built-in DUN" option.
    Please make sure that no program (such as a mail or a chat application) on your Palm tries to check the internet periodically. When the modem session is active it is not possible to use Internet from the phone itself. So when an e-mail app tries to connect to Internet it fails because the resource is already used by the USB Modem session.

  20. Does USB Modem use call time minutes or a data plan?

    USB Modem uses a regular data plan.

  21. If I receive an incoming call while using USB Modem I get disconnected from the internet temporarily. Is that normal?

    Yes. This is an expected behaviour. You can try to look for third-party applications which can disable incoming calls.

  22. How to obtain Sprint user name and password.

    Sometimes blank credentials work, sometimes do not. Please see here for the Sprint password/username retrieval.

  23. When USB Modem is activated, the network connection on my phone turns off and I can't seem to get it back on without turning off USB Modem.

    USB Modem uses the internal phone modem to provide the connection and since this is a single-user resource, the on-phone Internet connection will not work.

  24. AT&T/Cingular credentials

    If you use Cingular Blue, AT&T or Nextel:
    username: blank
    password: blank

    If you use Cingular Orange:
    password: CINGULAR1
    More settings can be found here, although they are about Blackberry, the same password/username settings apply to Palm and Windows Mobile.

  25. Verizon credentials

    Usually the Verizon credentials are as follows:
    username: NNNNNNNNNN@vzw3g.com
    password: NNNNNNNNNN
    where NNNNNNNNNN is your phone number;
    Please note that sometimes with Verizon the dial number might be #777 and the username and password might be blank.

  26. I purchased Palm USB Modem but I am still getting a message about a trial period.

    Looks like the full version did not replace the trial one for some reason. Completely remove the trial version on the device (USBModem.prc and BtDunMgrLibStub.prc), soft-reset it. If you do not know what "Soft Reset" means read these instructions on soft resetting your Palm

  27. I have Windows XP Pro. When I open the modem status window and click properties, select usb modem, and click configure, 921.6 kb/s is the fastest speed it allows me to choose.

    That is a dummy number. The real speed could be higher or lower than this value. You can try to measure the actual speed using speedtest or mspeed.

  28. How do I get the USB Modem driver to install?

    Please note that USB Modem has its own drivers. Please see the detailed instructions on installing these drivers in the attached USBModem_UG.pdf (USBModemWM_UG.pdf). These instructions differ depending on a desktop OS.

  29. Sprint HTC Touch or Treo 700wx won't work for bluetooth.

    Please note that you should see two DUN services available on this mobile device. One is a standard "Dial-up networking" and another is "Mobile-Stream DUN". Make sure to use the second one.

  30. "Error 678: There was no answer" when I try to connect.

    First please check the basic connection to the Treo. To do this, enable the USB modem mode, go to Control Panel -> Modems -> Properties and select Diagnostics. If the exchange is ok, send us the log file. See the last question in this f.a.q. on how to send log files.

  31. While installing USB Modem I get the following error message: "Cannot create a stable subkey under a volatile parent key."

    Before the USB Modem installation please disable any firewall or antivirus software. After the installation is complete, you can enable this kind of software again.

  32. How to update a USB Modem driver on Windows Vista?

      Please try the following:
    1. Enable the USB modem mode on the Treo and connect it to the PC with a USB cable.
    2. Launch Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager. Do you see the USB Modem or Unknown USB device under "Modems" title in the device tree?
    3. If you see an unknown device, open its Properies -> Update driver and point the installation wizard to the usbmdmtreo2k.inf file.

  33. Is it possible to use Palm Treo/Palm Centro as a Bluetooth modem for T|X or Zodiac?

    We have several successful users' reports on that. You can enter USB Modem information (Connection, User Name, Password etc.) in the T|X Prefs - Network section.

  34. I cannot select a modem script, there is no selection list on my Leopard. Mobile Stream is not listed in the drop down menu of Modems from the Networking page.

    Press Network Properties - > Advanced, then select Modem tab and setup the scripts in the Vendor/Model pull-down lists as described in the following screenshot - Leopard Modem scripts selection. Please note that the screenshot shows GSM, you have to use a CDMA script if you have a CDMA phone.

    Make sure you have selected "Other" in the Vendor pull-down list in the Modem tab of the Treo network port settings

    If you still do not have the Mobile Stream CDMA script there, please try to put the scripts in the "/System/Library/Modem Scripts" or in the "/Library/Modem Scripts" folder.

  35. My problem is not described in this guide.

    Please tell us your desktop OS, your device model, your carrier, the exact error message (and/or the exact step in the installation guide which caused difficulties) and send us a log file.
    Sending a Mac log file: enable the "Use verbose logging" in the USB Modem network port properties under PPP Options... (in Mac OS Leopard you should go to System Preferences - Network, then select USB Modem and press the 'Advanced...' button and go to the PPP tab), launch Applications -> Utilities -> Console, set it to show the /var/log/system.log and try to connect again. You should see the lines appearing in log. Copy/paste them into the e-mail and send us.
    Sending a Windows log file: copy/paste C:\WINDOWS\ModemLog_Treo NNN USB Modem.txt directly into the e-mail

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