Rotation 1.2.4 - switch display orientation on square (320x320) PalmOS 5 devices

Free trial download - switch display orientation on 320x320 Palm devices

Buy Rotation for PalmOS 5 $9.99

The Rotation utility allows you to switch display orientation on square PalmOS 5 devices. You just have to define a rotation trigger key in the preferences panel (see the manual for more details).

Version 1.2.4 fixes problems on the latest PalmOS devices including Treo 650.

Please note that Rotation does not support Palm Centro.

Please note that you should use Landscape on Sony CLIE TH/NX/NZ, Garmin iQue 3600, Garmin iQue 3600a and you should use Portrait on Sony CLIE UX40/UX50.

Landscape 1.2.3

Free trial download - landscape mode for Sony CLIE TH55, Sony CLIE NX/VZ, Garmin iQue 3600

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Mobile Stream utility Landscape allows to use very popular Sony CLIE NX/NZ/TH series and Garmin iQue 3600 models in landscape mode. The utility implements standard PalmSource Pen Input Manager API 1.1. Practically this means that any application that works in landscape mode on Tungsten T|3, Tungsten T|5 or Zodiac handhelds will work in landscape mode on Sony CLIE handhelds.

Landscape 1.22 supports Garmin iQue 3600 and has some fixes (e.g. Lock option, palette issues in 1.2, 1.21).

Before installing Landscape 1.22 you should remove any previous versions.

Please note, that for Garmin iQue 3600 to work in landscape, it is necessary to have system update 5.2.1r3 (January 2005). You can download this update from the Garmin web-site. Earlier system updates are incompatible with Landscape.

How to remove Landscape 1.0.

To remove Landscape 1.1b (or 1.2, 1.21), please run Prefs application, choose Rotation panel, go to menu (tap upper left corner of display) and select Uninstall. After that you'll have to remove the Prefs application manually.
The update to Landscape 1.2.3 is free for registered users.

Landscape 1.2.3 manual

Preferences Panel (Landscape 1.1b, 1.2, 1.21, 1.22) description (.txt)

Read Landscape 1.0 : F.A.Q.

Portrait 1.2.3

Free trial download - portrait mode for Sony CLIE UX

Buy Portrait for Sony CLIE UX $9.99

Portrait mode for Sony CLIE UX.

Please try the demo version before buying to make sure that the utility works with your programs.

Before installing the full version you have to uninstall the demo.

How to uninstall the previous public beta version

You can uninstall the current Portrait 1.1b (or higher) demo using Prefs Panel.

Portrait 1.2.3 description

Preferences Panel (Portrait 1.1b and 1.22) description (.txt)

Thanks to jjesusfreak from for beta-testing and pictures.
Please try the demo version before buying to make sure that the utility works with your programs.

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