Known issues

  • NetFront sometimes does not collapse correctly (its icons get lost) if it was started fullscreen in portrait and switched to landscape. Launching it from landscape work-arounds the problem. Collapsing/expanding VG also work-arounds the problem.
  • Graffiti It is hard to enter capital letters in rotated VG. Capitalization across the division line does not work. Graffiti Anywhere works perfectly, so if you cant get graffiti to work, use GA.
  • Restricted applications - see F.A.Q. section for details.

Limitations of the new (less restrictive) demo version

  • After 5 minutes of working in landscape the application freezes the handheld for 10 seconds and shows a message "The full version has no delays", then it starts working again. Sometimes switching landscape/portrait mode takes 10 seconds (25% probability).
  • The first demo version had popup banners and very restrictive delays.

Landscape 1.0 : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the Mobile Stream Landscape/Portrait utility?
    A. This is the utility that allows to run many application on Sony CLIE NX/NZ/TH series handhelds in fullscreen landscape mode.

  • Q. How do I switch orientation?
    A. For NX/NZ/TH series devices. The status bar on the handheld has the area where the current time is shown. It is subdivided into two equal areas. Left area will switch orientation from portrait mode to reverse landscape or vice versa. Tapping on the right area will switch orientation from portrait mode to ladscape mode or vice versa. Note, that some applications may disable orientation trigger. These include all "restricted" applications and many games. For UX series devices: The date area will switch from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa.

  • Q. What devices are supported?
      A. Currently supported:
    • Sony CLIE PEG-NX60 (not explicitly tested)
    • Sony CLIE PEG-NX70V
    • Sony CLIE PEG-NX73 (not explicitly tested)
    • Sony CLIE PEG-NX80 (not explicitly tested)
    • Sony CLIE PEG-NZ90 (not explicitly tested)
    • Sony CLIE PEG-TH55
      In the development (alpha version ready):
    • Sony CLIE PEG-UX40
    • Sony CLIE PEG-UX50
    • Garmin iQue 3600

  • Q. The application doesn't appear on my applications list, or in the preferences panel. What's wrong?
    A. Everything is ok. The landscape utility is a hidden system extension and does not appear in the application list.

  • Q. What applications are supported in landscape orientation on NX/NZ/TH series?
    A. Any application that is known to work in fullscreen landscape on some of the following devices: palmOne Tungsten|T3 and T5 Tapwave Zodiac There may be exceptions, of course. It is highly recommended to try the utility before buying it.

  • Q. What applications are supported in portrait orientation on UX series?
    A. Any application that is known to work in fullscreen portrait mode on some of the following devices: Sony CLIE PEG-NX/NZ/TH series palmOne Tungsten|T3 and T5 Tapwave Zodiac There may be exceptions, of course. It is highly recommended to try the utility before buying it.

  • Q. Almost all programs give "fatal exception". What is wrong?
    A. It means that there is some "hack" utility which completely interferes with Landscape. Maybe McPhling or some rare launching software.

  • Q. I contacted Mobile Stream regarding McPhling, SmartMaps (issue with palette colors), Date On Status, TheGoGo, RepliGo, OKey, TodayPLUS, OpenLogoHack, Gestures, Launcher-X, Mapopolis (issue with palette colors), some "paletted" games. What about some inconvenience/incompatibilities with these programs?
    A. All reported issues are being considered. In the nearest updates we'll fix them or we'll tell you about workarounds etc. We'll inform everyone who contacted us on some incompatibility issue when this specific problem is fixed.

  • Q. How can I uninstall the application?
    1. Do a warm reset: press the left button - the button to the left of JogDial - on TH-55 (the Page Up button on the others), then press the stylus in the reset hole while holding the pressed button. The handheld will start without the silk area (this is normal). Just tap on the place where the home icon usually located to get into the standard launcher.
    2. Delete the program's database - PinMgrDemo or PinMgr - using the launcher menu (App->Delete)
    3. Reset again via the pin hole.

  • Q. I have carefully followed the Uninstall Procedure description but I still cannot uninstall the program. What should I do?
    You can take Uninstall Utility.
    1. Install PinMgrUninstaller.prc onto the handheld.
    2. Switch to the native portrait orientation.
    3. Launch the PinMrUninstaller icon.
    4. Soft reset the handheld (not a warm reset as described before).
    5. At this point handheld should restart without Landscape activate, so you should be able to remove its database (App->Delete).
    This Uninstall Utility will be included in the distributive in the next update.

  • Q. I have a Docs To Go that works in landscape on Tungsten|T3 (or Tungsten|T5) but it does not work in landscape with Mobile Stream utility. What is wrong?
    A. Every application that is designed to work in fullscreen landscape on PalmOS handhelds with 320x480 displays usually use one of the three existing API (Application Programming Interface) to control the extended display. Two of these API sets (PalmSource's Pen Input Manager API and Sony's Virtual Silkscreen API) are open and well documented. The third set of API is proprietary and only exists on palmOne Tungsten|T3 and Tungsten|T5 handhelds. And there was a version of Docs To Go that only used that proprietary API, that is why it does not work with Mobile Stream Landscape/Portrait utility. Try another version of Docs To Go, specifically any recent is known to work.

  • Q. What additional rotation modes are supported?
    A. For NX/NZ/TH series devices there are landscape (90 degrees clockwise) and reverse landscape (90 counter-clockwise). For UX series devices there is a portrait (90 clockwise). Reverse portrait may be also added if needed.

  • Q. What is the "restricted" application?
    A. This is the application that is forced to run in native orientation of the device. I.e. for NX/NZ/TH series such an application will be switched to portrait mode, for UX series devices it will be switched to landscape mode.

  • Q. Mapsonic GPS software initially worked and looked great but when running a demo map run after a few moments it comes up with error : PinMgr.c,Line:343,ttt you may need to restart. What's wrong?
    A. This error shows up only in the first Demo version with banners (because of popup banners). Trial scheme has been changed now.

  • Q. Where can I see the list of "restricted" applications?
    A. Here is the list: Audio Player, CLIE Camera, Movie Recorder, Movie Player, CLIE Demo, Welcome, Flash Player, Digitizer Setup Panel

  • Q. What about perfomance penalties?
    A. Performance drop should be unnoticeable for most productivity/office applications. Performance for gaming applications will be addressed later.

  • Q. Are updates to the utility free?
    A. Yes. All updates will be available to registered users for free.

  • Q. Is it possible to install the utility on an expansion card or on UX series internal storage?
    A. No