Card Reader technology library is available to other developers. It implements USB Mass Storage on PalmOS 5+ devices and Bluetooth File Transfer profile. If your Palm application has to sync with a desktop PC or with some other devices, Card Reader technology is a great choice. Contact us to find out licencing options.

Unofficial PalmOS 5 SDK for native applications/libraries and advanced PNOlets.
    SDK allows for the following advanced features
  • Use the PalmOS core/library API without ugly 68K glue
  • Use the multi-threading capabilities of PalmOS
  • Develop ARM-native libraries/extensions and applications
  • Use DSP-accelerated codecs on some devices
  • Use the hardware-accelerated 2D graphics on some devices
  • Use the undocumented image processing capabilities of some device (both from 68K/ARM programs)
    SDK contains headers for the undocumented libraries/modules
  • DAL library
  • 68K Emulator (PACE) library
  • palmOne BMP/GIF/TIFF/PNG/JPEG manipulation libraries
  • palmOne ZLib library
  • DriveMode/DataImport libraries
  • Sony HHE Audio DSP codecs library
  • Sony HHE Graphics Engine library
  • Sony DAL library
  • Sony System library
    Headers for libraries/modules documented for use in 68K programs only
  • Crypto Provider library
  • Bluetooth library
  • palmOne T3/T5/LifeDrive/T|X Active Input Area libraries
  • palmOne Codec Plugin Manager library
  • palmOne PmKeyLib, PmSysGadgetLib, PmUIUtilLib
  • palmOne High-Resolution timer library for PXA27x-based devices
    ARM library entry points listings for the automatic stub generation
    Samples (provided under GPLv2)
  • DspLibTest - ARM-native application with UI and basic multithreading
  • GE2DTest - PNO-enabled application that shows how to use the Sony HHE Graphics Engine library
  • ImgFileTest - 68K program that shows how to use the undocumented ImgFileLib library
  • JpegDecodeTest - 68K program that shows how to use the undocumented ImgFileLib library
  • SilkMgrStub - ARM-native library with 68K interface that implements the Sony virtual silk API for non-Sony devices
Currently, the SDK is best suited for the PODS 1.2.

Palm as Card Reader
Card Reader
- the fastest USB Mass Storage solution for Palm and implementation of Bluetooth File Transfer!

Tether your Palm to notebook
Looking for a tethering solution? USB Modem - tether your Palm smartphone to a Mac, Linux or Windows computer!