1. How to connect Card Reader to a computer using Bluetooth.
  1. Make sure you have WIDCOMM/Broadcom or BlueSoleil Bluetooth software stacks on your Windows PC (Microsoft or Toshiba will not work because they do not have the required profile).
  2. Enable the bluetooth FTP mode on the Palm.
  3. Re-discover Bluetooth services on the Palm. You should see the new "File Transfer" service.
  4. Connect to it and browse/upload/download files from your PC.

2. Problem: when I enable CardReader although my desktop signifies that a device has connected to it AND the "remove hardware" icon in the system tray shows "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device", my Treo does not appear in Windows Explorer.

    Please try the following:
  1. Connect with CR.
  2. Go into Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management
  3. Assign a different drive letter for the CR disk.

3. What is Bluetooth FTP?

Bluetooth FTP (Bluetooth File Transfer profile) is a Bluetooth profile which provides access to the file system on another device (e.g. getting folder listings, getting or putting files, deleting files).

4. Card Reader does not work with my 4GB SDHC card.

Please note that older Palm devices do not support SDHC standards. Read the official document on Maximum expansion card sizes and types compatible with Palm devices. If your device is listed as compatible with SDHC, then Card Reader should also work with 4GB+ cards.

5. I get "Fatal Alert MemoryMgr.c, Line:3571, Non-word-aligned handle" on Sony CLIE TG-50 or Sony CLIE NX70

If you have installed MCA (Sony Clie Audio, developed by Cliepet), please disable it while using Card Reader.

6. Does Card Reader convert files or change file types?

No. Card Reader knows nothing about files that are transferred via the USB mass storage protocol so it does not change them.

7. How does Card Reader differ from similar programs such as Card Export?

1. Card Reader supports not only USB but also Bluetooth File Transfer.
2. Card Reader can function in the background mode.
3. Card Reader allows you to export several slots at the same time (in multi-slot Palm devices, such as Tapwave Zodiac).
4. Card Reader occupies less memory.
5. Card Reader is cheaper.

8. I have some incompatibility issues with TealLock software and Card Reader (e.g. false locks).

Please add Card Reader application to the "Excluded Apps" list in TealLock.