EasyTether for Android
Android Tethering solution
Carrier-independent Internet connection sharing (tethering) for Android smartphones. Supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux computers and Android tablets. Works over USB and Bluetooth.
BlackBerry Tethering Solution
BlackBerry Tethering solution
Carrier-independent USB and Bluetooth tethering for BlackBerry smartphones. Supports BlackBerry 10 tethering.
USB Modem for Windows Mobile
USB Modem for Windows Mobile
Tether your Windows Mobile device to a Win/Mac/Linux computer. USB CDC ACM and Bluetooth DUN.
USB Modem for Palm
Palm USB Modem
Tether your Palm to a Win/Mac/Linux computer. USB CDC ACM and Bluetooth DUN.
Palm Card Reader
Card Reader
USB Mass Storage and Bluetooth File Transfer for Palm. You can export your SD cards inserted into your Palm as logical disks via USB or Bluetooth. Turn your Palm into a card reader.
Bluetooth file-sharing application for Windows Mobile. Bluetooth File Transfer profile for MS Bluetooth stack.
T|X Home Button - FREE
Adds the Home button to your Palm T|X.
Controls battery threshold value on PalmOS 5 devices.
Palm Rotation
Landscape mode on Sony CLIE TH/NX/NZ and Garmin iQue 3600;
portrait mode on Sony CLIE UX;
rotation on Palm devices with 320x320 screen.
Bluetooth File Sharing
Bluetooth File Sharing allows you to use your BlackBerry device to share files over Bluetooth protocol.